Mergers & Acquisitions in Turkish Renewables
Mergers & Acquisitions in Turkish Renewables
Increase Renewable Equipment Sales in Türkiye
Enhance Renewable Supply Chain to Türkiye
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Mature Capital is an independent advisory and consultancy firm based in İstanbul and established in September 2022.

Its main goal is to deepen renewable energy in Türkiye.

Mature Capital’s primarily focus is to provide financial advisory services on mergers and acquisitions of renewable generation and manufacturing assets in Türkiye.

Besides, Mature Capital will also share its deep expertise in contract knowledge in equipment sales and purchases with the players of the market.

In order to increase renewable manufacturing and associated services business volumes in Türkiye, Mature Capital intents to bridge international buyers with Turkish manufacturers and service providers.

As the forth service line, Mature Capital will give contract review services for banks, financial intuitions and insurers.

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

Do you have plans to expand your renewable asset portfolio to Türkiye, and looking for a green-field projects or operational assets?

We have direct access to shareholders of renewable assets, and strong network. Let’s get in touch.

Are you planning to expand your renewable supply chain to Türkiye, and looking for potential partnerships or acquisitions with local manufacturers?

We have direct access to existing renewable equipment and subcomponent manufacturers, and even potential ones which is not entered yet into renewable equipment manufacturing. Let’s get in touch.

Increase Renewable Equipment Sales in Türkiye

Do you want to enter to Turkish market and sell your renewable equipment?

Lets define your Go to Market Strategy together.

Do you wish to increase renewable equipment sales in Türkiye?

Lets review your Sales and Marketing strategy together.

Do you need to support during your renewable equipment sales project in Türkiye?

We can be part of your sales team per sales project bases.

Lets get in touch, and discuss how we can support your business.

Enhance Renewable Supply Chain to Türkiye

Do you want to enhance you renewable supply chain to Türkiye and increase your purchases?

We have direct access to existing renewable equipment and subcomponent manufacturers.

Are you struggling to organize your local purchasing, delivering and logistic activities from Türkiye, and do your team needs support?

Lets solve them together. Direct access to logistics, shipment, and harbour service providers.

Lets get in touch.

Contract Review

Contract Review services of equipment supply and maintenance contracts for

- Banks and Financing Institutions before financing

- insurance companies before insurance

- investors before the acquisition

of a wind farm/renewable energy asset.

Get your risk profile, and asses your risk.


All your projects will be led personally by Managing Director.

Mature Capital has a very strong network of people within the renewable industry; consultants, technical experts, legal experts, commercial experts; and once your project’s targets and the scope is set, the team will be established according to your needs.

A member of Turkish Wind Energy Association (TÜREB)

A member of Energy Industrialists & Businessmen Association (ENSİA)


Managing Director

Graduated from Koç University, Graduate School of Business (MBA), Boğaziçi University, Civil Engineering (BSc) and İzmir High Science School.

Twenty years experienced business professional and working for fifteen years in renewables in Türkiye.

Established Mature Capital in September 2022, and acting as Managing Director to deepen the renewables in Türkiye.

Worked for Nordex Group, as Managing Director for Türkiye and Middle East Region until September 2022, more than 400 employee in the region and around 4 GW installed and/or under construction wind park base with 1500 turbines.

Before Managing Director position, responsible from sales and business development of wind turbine sales. Completed more than fifty deals around 1500 MW; some of them on his own and some together with sales team with more than twenty different customers since 2014. Involved in YEKA tender, and managed all works with investors, ministry and within the company in 2017.

Before Nordex, he worked for wind investor company, Turcas Petrol, and was responsible from Project and Business Development of wind and hydro projects for six years. In this duty, he performs the following tasks ; development of green field wind power projects, management of relations with EMRA, TEAİS, and other government offices, conducting official correspondences for permitting and licencing, conducting agreements with third party service suppliers and consultants, coordination with turbine suppliers and contractors, preparation of project teasers and info memos, strategy and scenario creation for power project acquisitions and tenders, financial model building for power projects, financial and technical analysis of wind/hydro power projects, valuation of wind/hydro power project assets, analysis of financial statements of project companies (SPVs), preparation and negotiation of acquisition offers and SPAs.



We will be flexible to your needs.

First we will listen what you need, and then define the target of work,

and the scope of services together with you.

Lets experience first communication.

Lets get in touch.

Beşiktaş, İstanbul, Türkiye